GROWN ROYAL X @96g - Jason (Hype Haven Founder)

We recently caught up with Jason the former owner/founder of Hype Haven. Jason was the first person to offer a safe way of reselling authentic streetwear products, after creating the reselling platform he then built a huge presence in the streetwear industry for himself, and his company.

While talking to Jason he had nothing but great feedback and praise for what we are doing here at GROWN ROYAL, and for the Australian streetwear scene, heres what Jason had to say:

"Being in the world of streetwear for so long, I’ve come across a lot of brands and startups. Very few stand out to me, and Grown Royal is one of the brands that caught my eye. After speaking to the founder personally, I’ve started to appreciate what he’s doing even more; he’s a very hard working individual with a great mindset and a strong message. 

I’m excited to see what Grown Royal has in store for us, the potential with this brand is incredible. That being said, the clothes are great and definitely on par with all the big designer brands in terms of quality!"

We cannot express how much we appreciate this feedback!

Jason has currently moved on from Hype Haven, yet he still has a huge influence on the streetwear industry, it is definitely worth checking him out on instagram, you'll either catch him travelling the world and shopping, however don't let this fool you because behind the scenes Jason is one of the hardest workers we have come across! 

Check out the photos of Jason repping full GROWN ROYAL below!

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